“Hey Sexy, are you a good looking man with an empty skull”?

I was once asked who are you? Beauty, Brain or Beauty with Brain?



And I Said what the f***!! What kind of question is this? I really, really want to take the crap out of that first chauvinist who came up with this term. Like, do we call men as well with any similar term like this? Like, “Hey, are you a sexy looking man with the empty skull”? Do we question good looking men also for their brains? Then who came up with this label ‘Beauty with Brain’ for women? Why it should be even questionable? Can’t we have both and flaunt both? Why is our stereotype society always so attracted to the wrong concepts and stick to it like a paid submissive?

In this stereotype society, where women are labelled either as nerd or beauty without brains and blah, blah and blah It is easy to be beautiful, it is difficult to appear so! Because, even if you believe that you are gifted with a beautiful body and intelligent brain to make it look more beautiful, what goes in the mind of your audience is totally different. For instance, you enter into a party slaying your red dress, red lips, 6 inches high heels, flaunting a little flesh, you walk with poise and your chin up. But, the people who are watching you will just easily consider you as good enough only for standing around, to be drooled over and nothing more. Some of the women observing you might, in their head, label you as a bimbette. The pride you had in your beautiful body and intelligent brains has just been shaken by some stereotyped judgemental socialites. And, if you ask, why? Because, the people will just assume that since you have paid so much attention to your looks, probably you don’t have any interest and time for the intellectual food for your brain! I swear, at that time I want to shout my lungs out to these people “Excuse me; Putting on mascara doesn’t stop me from reading Shakespeare. My IQ doesn’t drop every time I wear lip-gloss. The makeup on my face isn’t depleting the cells in my brain, OK! My brain actually helps me to stay beautiful. What the hell made you believe that I can’t discuss politics and market shares with you God damn CEOs? tumblr_o9qwstJ7o11tvczt7o1_250

I don’t understand why we even have this concept. First, I believe we all are gifted and we all are actually beauty with brains. I feel, we women are also culprits at times, by taunting other women with such remarks and remaining quiet when we receive them. Our Chanel makeup or the Dior dress (or L’Oreal makeup and fashion street dress. Relax!) must not give them the justification to their belief that we haven’t fed our brains any nutrition. We have to speak up and shut their big mouths.anigif_enhanced-14599-1459957451-2

The girl who wears big nerdy glasses is not necessarily interested only in Dan brown books or she is a geeky kid. She might be finding those nerdy glasses actually sexy and it might be her fashion statement. The girl who owns 6 shades of lipstick might have a tall cupboard full of interesting literature. She makes heads turn when she walks with her personality and also leaves everyone awestruck because she is an achiever. The girl who posts her Selfies every-day on the social media might actually be the college topper. The girl who has that well-manicured nails might be actually the one who excels in preparing the most accurate data sheet and that too, much before the deadline. The lady who just entered in the high ponytail, Gucci glasses and the short skirt which grabs all the attention of the crowd in the elevator might actually be sitting in the corner office and have subordinates drooling over her looks and at the same time calling her ‘Bitch’ for all the running she puts them through on a daily basis. The need of the hour is that we should now ditch this love for the stereotype mentality and judgemental opinions for others.

My husband gifts me books along-with jewellery. My 4 year old daughter wrote a letter to the Santa Claus with a gift list which consisted of a dress, a lipstick and a truck! I happily imagined her growing up into a badass who would put on a dress, lipstick and drive a truck in that dress!

Don’t be like peacocks and lilies which are the most beautiful things on this earth but most useless. Be the epitome of beauty with brain. And compel this world to accept that women have beauty and brain at the same time

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman but a beautiful woman with a brain is absolutely a lethal combination”


Yes I am a woman and I have curves

Hearing everyday about the molestation of young girls and elderly women is now getting on my head and the male society needs to listen the voice banging my head every minute now. So here it is penned down
“I am a girl and yes I have curves that are attractive, yes I have that perfect span of hips that stride in grace, the swing of my waist is a joy to look at, the curves of my lips that will be luscious to taste, that smooth skin if brushed against yours will bestow lots of pleasure to your senses, the flesh full of goodness that I have been gifted, a body which you find nubile. Yes I am gifted but NO, NO, NO ! I am not your free gift ! No you can’t touch me without my consent as if I am just a flower growing on the side walk which can be plucked and No you are not the bee who can suck my juice. Just because you have a stronger body than mine it doesn’t mean you can own me the way you want. It is not about bodies. It is about mind and soul and we both weigh the same in that aspect. I am a human with thousand of feelings and emotions. I am a human who have just as equal rights as you and I do have my own will to do things. I have my own myriad of thoughts and you can’t judge me by my speech or my clothes. Just like I should not grab your manhood for it is your private part you also can’t grip my breasts without my permission. What is yours is not mine and what is mine is not yours at all till the time I decide to give it to you. No you can’t tell me that I should not wear those skirts because the soft flesh of my slender legs tempt you just the way I never tell you don’t wear those beach shorts because your hairy masculine legs tempt me too. No you can’t tell me not to show my cleavage because it is irresistible for you just like I never ask u to keep your shirt buttoned up and spare me those masculine sexy chest hair which will excite me too. My clothes don’t give you any rights and justifications for your actions just like yours don’t give me any either. We both have freedom to wear what we choose and we both have responsibility towards each other. We both should respect each others presence and choices. Remember we are Equal ! Period”

The unfinished Love

hqdefaultA Virtual Love Story

She was sitting in the food-court with her two little munchkins. They both were playing with the pizza slices and were just way too excited. Don’t know if it was the pizza or just the new place, making them so happy. They have come back to India after a year. While Daddy was away finishing an official call, Mommy was spending the lunch time with kids. But she was lost in her thoughts.

She was in his city, for the first time.
She didn’t inform him that she was visiting his city this time. It was of no use. They both haven’t spoken to each other from past 4 months. And from the past experiences she had learned that he would not meet her even if she would have informed. She had attempted to meet him three times before. Flew all the way to India to meet him, but he didn’t come. Don’t know what stopped him. He never talked a lot and would never give explanations. He didn’t like giving them. He was a wanderer, she knew it, but Love tricked her every time. Every time, from past ten years !

When her heart was sinking deeper and her mind was lost in the myriad of her thoughts the unbelievable and the unexpected happened. Was it him ?  Yes, it was him. She sees his pictures every day on his Facebook and Whatsapp Display. They have spoken to each other on video chats even if it was just two or three times. She can’t be mistaken. That tall, masculine body, those curly hair, that deep black beautiful eyes, those perfect curves of the lips and no she can’t be mistaken with that baby pink glow on his cheeks. He was not the one who will add filters to his pictures and she will zoom out his picture everyday to the maximum her touch screen would allow just to give a peck on his cheeks, on the screen. She had seen him 10 yrs back when he was a thin young boy and she had seen him growing into a man all these years. Falling more in love with him with each passing day.
He probably didn’t notice her sitting on the table, not very far from the popcorn stall. She couldn’t hear him under the loud music playing in the food court and the loud chatting and laughing of the people while they were hogging their lunch meal. She noticed how his lips curled up and his eyes blinked when he was waiting for the bill. She remembered his white shirt. His favorite and her favorite. Their favorite !  She got a smile on her angelic face. Her eyes brightened up. After all, she was seeing him for the first time in real. This is what she had always longed for after she fell in love with him 10 years back when they both met online. But they both decided that her fiance was a wonderful man and they both should never cheat him. So they continued their virtual relationship, as per his mood and his needs. She was a no nonsense girl, but still Love fooled her every time he would contact her in every few months and sometimes years. He had a habit of disappearing in the middle of the conversation and never come back for few months ! Their love story used to get active for small sessions several times in these 10 years.
While she was admiring the baby pink glow on his right cheeks He turned back from the stall. Now she could see the left side of his fair skinned face. She spotted that small black sun spot he had on his cheeks. He started moving and her heart galloped. But her smile didn’t fade which was glued to her face. And he saw her. Their eyes met for the first time in real. But he was without any expression. Maybe he didn’t recognize her. She hoped maybe her smile will help him. He stretched his left hand. Held that lady in orange kurta in his one arm and grabbed that little baby from her and held him in his other arm. And they left.
She was still smiling, but now the well of her eyes was full. The curves of her lips slowly straightened up. One tear rolled down her fair white cheeks. Second one rolled down too smudging her kohl a little bit. That wetness on her cheeks brought her attention back to the noise of her little ones and the loud music of the food-court. He was here and he didn’t even meet her and just left like a stranger !
She knew about his family. They often used to discuss how they will never let the family suffer because of their untimely love. She felt an ache in her heart. The gulp in her throat was choking her, but she looked at her kids and quickly wiped her tears. She collected herself back. Reality hit her just like many times it did in the past. She just didn’t know how to stop loving him. She loved her husband too, because she was a good wife and he loved her a lot, but her longing for this another man in her life drove her crazy. Ten years of distance relationship was not a joke. There was a connection beyond her understanding, beyond anybody’s understanding.
Both her daughter and the son were busy coloring with crayons they received with the kids meal. Her eyes again started wandering in the hope that just in case he have forgotten something and he might come back to collect it. Oh Lord! She should have asked for more. He was standing right in front of her. He came back, all alone. He was looking at her and the same smirk on his face, the same one she saw on her phone’s screen during the video chat and it drove her crazy. She stood up and smiled with teary eyes. And she saw her husband right behind him walking towards their lunch table. His official call was finished. She moved ahead and greeted him.” Hi ! How are you ? What a pleasant surprise! Never thought you were in this city too!” She shook hands with him and introduced him to the husband as a Facebook friend. Oh, that touch of his wet palms. It was so difficult to pull away from that flesh. Husband greeted him too. Her husband was not too inquisitive.
He left. His family was waiting in the car and there was no reason to stay back
So they met for the first time in their life after a long wait of 10 years. Probably the last time too !
Their Unfinished love !!

Free Thy Soul

Free Thy Soul

“I am on a journey of Self discoveryunnamed23

This journey isn’t about becoming anything. It is about unbecoming everything that really isn’t me. I am on a journey to achieve the state of the perfect balance between my physical and emotional self. i want to be at peace with who I am.

I am on a journey to illuminate my darkness so that understanding, acceptance and unconditional self love can take place. I want to free myself from the fetters of this world and release my soul from the prison.

This is a personal and a sacred language between me and my soul

I want to free myself

I want to free my Soul “

I want to share my journey with all of you

I decided to start this blog because I have a dream to compile together my art and my writings, one day. I do not have a clear idea how I am actually going to do it. It may be a coffee table book with pictures of my arts along with the stories behind them. Also my short poems and quotes along-with my illustrations in the book. Or it can be an actual cafe where people can sip their hot mug of coffee and indulge in the beautiful art and words spread on all the walls. Whatever I will do and whenever I will do until then I want to involve my audience in this journey. So I will write here. Post my artworks here. Will spill out all my thoughts behind doing that art piece and also discuss the technical details and the challenges faced. Will share the stories I write.

I like to call my artwork as Form Fashion and flowers.

I am a sucker for everything feminine and beautiful. Being an Interior designer, I am always inclined towards the beautiful Architecture around the world. But it is my special interest in fashion and flower crafts which has inspired me to create this unique form of contemporary art with three layers of

Famous Architecture

Stunning Fashion &

Delicate flowers

Hence the name of my artwork – Form, Fashion & Flowers

I like to call my writings as Spilledthoughts@4amimage1

This name because I actually wake up at around 4am almost every night, sometimes exactly at 4am and is wide awake. I can call it some kind of spiritual awakening, if that theory is to be believed, but best of my writings and best of my art concepts are generated at this odd hour of the early morning. My writings are mostly on love and 4am is such a suitable time for such a mood, isn’t it ?( winking) people who are fast asleep at that time might not have a slightest idea what I am saying here. So to make it easy for you, when they say artists are crazy people, believe them 🙂

Hope you all will enjoy my efforts and I expect a fair feedback from all of you so that I can improve whenever and wherever needed but please remember I am also looking for the motivation

– love Arwa