Yes I am a woman and I have curves

Hearing everyday about the molestation of young girls and elderly women is now getting on my head and the male society needs to listen the voice banging my head every minute now. So here it is penned down
“I am a girl and yes I have curves that are attractive, yes I have that perfect span of hips that stride in grace, the swing of my waist is a joy to look at, the curves of my lips that will be luscious to taste, that smooth skin if brushed against yours will bestow lots of pleasure to your senses, the flesh full of goodness that I have been gifted, a body which you find nubile. Yes I am gifted but NO, NO, NO ! I am not your free gift ! No you can’t touch me without my consent as if I am just a flower growing on the side walk which can be plucked and No you are not the bee who can suck my juice. Just because you have a stronger body than mine it doesn’t mean you can own me the way you want. It is not about bodies. It is about mind and soul and we both weigh the same in that aspect. I am a human with thousand of feelings and emotions. I am a human who have just as equal rights as you and I do have my own will to do things. I have my own myriad of thoughts and you can’t judge me by my speech or my clothes. Just like I should not grab your manhood for it is your private part you also can’t grip my breasts without my permission. What is yours is not mine and what is mine is not yours at all till the time I decide to give it to you. No you can’t tell me that I should not wear those skirts because the soft flesh of my slender legs tempt you just the way I never tell you don’t wear those beach shorts because your hairy masculine legs tempt me too. No you can’t tell me not to show my cleavage because it is irresistible for you just like I never ask u to keep your shirt buttoned up and spare me those masculine sexy chest hair which will excite me too. My clothes don’t give you any rights and justifications for your actions just like yours don’t give me any either. We both have freedom to wear what we choose and we both have responsibility towards each other. We both should respect each others presence and choices. Remember we are Equal ! Period”

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