I want to share my journey with all of you

I decided to start this blog because I have a dream to compile together my art and my writings, one day. I do not have a clear idea how I am actually going to do it. It may be a coffee table book with pictures of my arts along with the stories behind them. Also my short poems and quotes along-with my illustrations in the book. Or it can be an actual cafe where people can sip their hot mug of coffee and indulge in the beautiful art and words spread on all the walls. Whatever I will do and whenever I will do until then I want to involve my audience in this journey. So I will write here. Post my artworks here. Will spill out all my thoughts behind doing that art piece and also discuss the technical details and the challenges faced. Will share the stories I write.

I like to call my artwork as Form Fashion and flowers.

I am a sucker for everything feminine and beautiful. Being an Interior designer, I am always inclined towards the beautiful Architecture around the world. But it is my special interest in fashion and flower crafts which has inspired me to create this unique form of contemporary art with three layers of

Famous Architecture

Stunning Fashion &

Delicate flowers

Hence the name of my artwork – Form, Fashion & Flowers

I like to call my writings as Spilledthoughts@4amimage1

This name because I actually wake up at around 4am almost every night, sometimes exactly at 4am and is wide awake. I can call it some kind of spiritual awakening, if that theory is to be believed, but best of my writings and best of my art concepts are generated at this odd hour of the early morning. My writings are mostly on love and 4am is such a suitable time for such a mood, isn’t it ?( winking) people who are fast asleep at that time might not have a slightest idea what I am saying here. So to make it easy for you, when they say artists are crazy people, believe them 🙂

Hope you all will enjoy my efforts and I expect a fair feedback from all of you so that I can improve whenever and wherever needed but please remember I am also looking for the motivation

– love Arwa


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